Mediterrean Civilizations
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İçinde Kargoya Teslim
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Anatolia is an immense territory. It is not a mere stretch of land with properly defined confines. Every community and society has always sought for a shelter sometime in history and sometime in a given culture to abide there vindicating his raison d'etre. Wealth as such according to a point of view prevalent in our age prefers to keep aloof of such considerations while the perennial reality cannot ignore the fact that wealth is tantamount to culture made whole by art. The Anatolian territory was destined to sheltler in her bosom great civilizations of the past forming a long chain of cultural events in succession. It cannot be denied that they owed much to her geographical position. These civilizations which saw the day having witnessed battles experienced passions of all sorts quit this life on earth after having left glorious vestiges behind them. The present book is the doleful story of those who were born here and went the way of all flesh.
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