Emma-Stage 6
3 İş Günü
İçinde Kargoya Teslim
Etiket Fiyatı:10,00 TL
İndirimli Fiyatı:8,00 TL
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  • İlk Basım Yılı:
  • Baskı:1
  • Sayfa Sayısı:144
  • Kağıt Türü:1. Hamur
  • Ebat:13 x 19,5
  • Dil:İngilizce
  • Cilt Durumu:Karton Kapak

Emma is a young lady who lives with her father at Hartfield Highbury village. She is rich beautiful clever and independent. She seems to have one of the best blessings of existence. She has everything her heart desires property popularity in society and sharp mind. She has everything but a husband. But she does not want to be sealed by the marriage bond. She promises herself never to marry for her father's sake. She is fond of making matches among her acquaintances. She fancies herself the master of matchmaking and arranges the lives of her friends. She is so engaged in arranging the feelings of the others that she gets confused with her own senses. Moreover all her matches result in serious consequences for her friends. To her great surprise she finds herself in love with her old friend. All her predictions turn out to be quite the opposite. She must take a serious decision: whether to break her promise to herself or to marry a man she loves dearly. Her decision appears surprising even for herself. 'Emma' is not just a sentimental story. It is the whole book of human relationships characters true feelings and emotional upheavals.

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